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Gay marriage backlash quiets – for now

When it comes to his bid for re-election next fall, Rep. Tim Faust said the gay marriage vote will only have a small impact on his chances. “It’s going to make a difference, but is it going to make a difference in the mind of the independent voter? I don’t think so.”

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Disability groups rally for 5 percent funding increase in 2014

The increase would cost about $86 million in the current budgeting period, and advocates are hoping there will be extra cash in the state’s coffers after the November and February budget forecasts.

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Group homes to push for 5 percent hike next year

A new coalition of advocates for the elderly and disabled in Minnesota is planning an aggressive campaign to persuade legislators to pass a 5 percent increase in their budget next session, which would cost the state an additional $86 million in the current budgeting period.

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Proposed constitutional amendment dealing with legislator pay headed to ballot

A proposed constitutional amendment that would give an independent panel the authority to set salaries for House and Senate members passed the Senate on Monday morning by a 43-23 vote margin. The amendment is expected to be on the ballot in 2016.

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Conference committees on key finance bills take shape

With most major finance bills clearing the House and Senate floors, attention will now turn towards conference committees this week. Conferees on several bills have already been appointed by legislative leaders.

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