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Unions, biz offer first look at lege race spending

While the gubernatorial campaigns and the legislative caucuses are attracting most of the money and attention in the current election cycle, legislative candidates in competitive districts are also getting some measure of love from the PAC donors who have weighed in with their first finance reports of 2010.

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The contenders: Crowded DFL field in SD 67 contest

State Sen. Mee Moua's unexpected decision not to seek a third term at the Capitol set off a political frenzy in the St. Paul district that she represents. Ultimately nine DFL candidates jumped into the fray, setting up a confusing August 10 primary. Look for a longer piece about the contest on PIM's web site later today, but here's thumbnail sketches of the contenders:

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MPD chief attends meeting with Holder on AZ immigration law

Minneapolis Police Chief Tim Dolan was among a group of ten law-enforcement officials who met with Attorney General Eric Holder yesterday to express concerns about Arizona's controversial crackdown on illegal immigration. The police chiefs warned Holder that the law would inhibit immigrants from coming forward with important information needed by cops to solve crimes.

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Minneapolis and St. Paul police chiefs oppose Arizona-style immigration law

The chiefs of the two largest police departments in the state are opposed to legislation modeled on Arizona's controversial immigration-enforcement law. Minneapolis Police Chief Tim Dolan and St. Paul Police Chief John Harrington issued a joint statement today urging lawmakers to oppose the measure. Thomas Smith, who will become St. Paul's top cop next month, also signed off on the statement.

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Moua backs down on gang database ban

Sen. Mee Moua has dropped her proposal to prohibit law enforcement agencies from maintaining electronic databases of gang members. The proposed ban -- designed to protect privacy and civil liberties -- had drawn pointed criticism from some law enforcement officials.

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