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Jonathan Franzen’s shaky grasp of St. Paul politics

Jonathan Franzen's widely hailed epic American novel "Freedom" largely takes place in St. Paul's Ramsey Hill neighborhood. The author's grasp of the nuances of the rapidly gentrifying neighborhood in the pre-Bush years are seemingly spot on. It's chock full of delicious details (W.A. Frost!) that will have locals nodding.

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Chai Lee lands endorsement from Pakou Hang

Pakou Hang is backing Chai Lee in the crowded Senate District 67 contest. In 2005, Hang ran for a St. Paul City Council seat, losing out to Sixth Ward incumbent Dan Bostrom by less than 400 votes. Perhaps more relevant to the current St. Paul Senate contest: Hang was the campaign manager for Mee Moua's initial successful campaign in 2002.

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