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Horner ponders his future

Tom Horner took a bigger risk than most when he embarked on his run for governor of Minnesota. The former Republican pundit and strategist turned Independence Party candidate alienated many of his old political allies when he switched party affiliation to challenge to GOP candidate Tom Emmer and DFLer Mark Dayton.

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Gubernatorial transitions are fire drills even under the best of circumstances

Members of Minnesota's next gubernatorial administration could be excused for moving into the west wing of the Capitol under cover of night and locking the door behind them. Besides the small matter of an estimated $5.8 billion budget deficit, there is also the likelihood - if, as expected, Democrat Mark Dayton prevails in a pending recount - that the new governor will face a Legislature controlled by his political opponents. (Both Dayton and Republican nominee Tom Emmer have announced transition team leaders.)

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Ventura 2012?

Money can't necessarily buy political power. Just ask Meg Whitman, who poured a staggering $160 million into her losing gubernatorial campaign in California. Or to take a slightly less extravagant example, former House Minority Leader Matt Entenza, who spent some $5 million of his personal wealth on a doomed quest for Minnesota's top office.

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Closing ads aim for middle ground

In many ways, the closing statements being made via 30-second TV spot in the race for governor echo the tone of the whole campaign since around Labor Day. Ahead of Tuesday's vote, the campaigns of Republican Tom Emmer and Democrat Mark Dayton are doubling down on their respective messages - and seeking to convince skeptics that each is a swell guy to boot.

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Quie backs Demmer in CD 1 race

Former Republican governors Al Quie and Arne Carlson both agree that they want Independence Party candidate Tom Horner in the governor's office next year, but they don't see eye-to-eye on who should sit in Congress represnting southern Minnesota.

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Dayton plays to moderates, tries to avoid late miscues

In the final weeks leading up to the general election, Democratic political operatives and pundits seem haunted by what many refer to as “the ghost of Mike Hatch.” Like this year’s DFL gubernatorial nominee, Mark Dayton, Hatch was leading in nearly every poll in the final month before Election Day 2006, and Democrats across the state were starting to see a clear path to the governor’s office for the first time since Iron Ranger Rudy Perpich won re-election in 1986.

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