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Minnesota collects $4.1 billion in revenues since July

Both the sales tax and the income tax pulled in more revenue that originally anticipated in the February forecast, with sales tax receipts coming in $46 million ahead of forecast and the income tax bringing in $27 million more that predicted, according to Minnesota Management and Budget (MMB). But the corporate tax collections were down by about $11 this quarter, and other revenues were $64 million lower than anticipated.

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MN United PAC releases ‘Minnesota 15’ list

On the same day the U.S. Supreme Court struck struck down the federal Defense of Marriage Act, the Minnesotans United PAC released the full "Minnesota 15" list of pro-gay marriage legislators who will be made "priorities" in their reelection campaigns. That list includes the five legislative Republicans who voted in favor of the bill and 10 rural Democrats serving in the House who could be vulnerable after casting their "yes" votes.

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GOP minorities add to their leadership teams

House Minority Leader Kurt Daudt on Monday announced that Eden Prairie Republican Rep. Jenifer Loon will serve as his deputy minority leader. GOP Minority Leader David Hann also announced two additional assistant leaders on Friday, adding Rochester Sen. Carla Nelson and Alexandria Sen. Bill Ingebrigtsen to his team.

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Caucus campaign teams gear up

It was supposed to be a show of electoral force, and it was: After filing for office en masse on Thursday morning, several dozen GOP lawmakers and candidates lined the back wall and spilled out the doors of a press room in the State Office Building.

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