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Why gambling expansion remains a long-shot bet

A steady downpour didn’t keep Indian gambling workers from flocking outside the state Capitol in St. Paul last April. At least 1,500 people gathered outside on the building’s steps, some arriving by the busload from reservations hours away. Clad in raincoats and shielded by a canopy of umbrellas, workers thrust signs into the air that read, “Rural jobs count too” and “Don’t gamble with my job!”

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State’s epic deficit will lend a boost to pro-gambling interests in 2011

Flanked by members of the hospitality industry, Iron Range DFL Sen. David Tomassoni helped kick off a "grassroots" statewide campaign at a Capitol news conference on Tuesday to push for electronic gambling in the state's bars and restaurants. It's a proposal he has unsuccessfully tried to pass since 1994, but this just might be the year the three-term senator and former House member gets his wish. With a nearly $6 billion deficit facing the next Legislature and governor, the prospect of expanding state gambling to bring in revenue is starting to look a little sunnier.

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