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Davids to Dayton: ‘Please don’t quit’

In a Star Tribune article Thursday, Dayton said he would go to a special session before he would pass the all-cuts budget being touted by Republican leadership. In response, Republican House Taxes Chair Greg Davids sent a plea to the governor, asking him not to "quit" on the legislative session.

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On the tails, all budget proposals come up losers

At some point this year, whether it comes in time for the May 23 adjournment date or not, the Republican-controlled Legislature will strike a deal with DFL Gov. Mark Dayton that balances the 2012-13 general fund budget. But whether it will make good on a promise from all parties to end the state's longstanding structural deficit remains very much in doubt - and the signs so far are not good.

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Taxing troubles ahead

The House Taxes Committee was a model of bipartisan accord on Thursday morning. On the agenda was legislation carried by Chairman Greg Davids, R-Preston, to address changes in the federal tax code that require changes to the state's tax rules if the state is to remain in conformity.

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