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Civil unions bill draws sharp reaction

Republican Rep. Tim Kelly is one of the last GOP legislators you’d expect to find on the bad side of gay marriage advocates. The three-term member from Red Wing is well-known for bucking his own caucus in 2011 as Republicans worked to pass a controversial constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.

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City lobbies agree on LGA approach

For the past decade, Capitol debates over local government aid (LGA) to cities have amounted to a long and bloody war of attrition. But this year Minnesota’s city lobbying associations have reached an accord on LGA that’s being hailed as a rare rapprochement on an issue typically dominated by thorny regional divides.

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HIX bill nears Dayton’s desk

On Thursday night the Minnesota House of Representatives gave final passage to the bill establishing a state-run health-insurance marketplace, leaving the long-disputed measure just a Senate vote away from reaching the governor’s desk.

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Bonding: On second thought…

Next week Gov. Mark Dayton is expected to detail exactly what he’d like to see in a bonding bill this year. On Tuesday he provided a sneak preview, indicating that the capital investment package would be worth roughly $750 million. That’s a 50 percent increase over what was proposed in his initial budget in January.

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