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First GOP cuts package hits LGA hard

On Tuesday Republican legislative leaders unveiled roughly $1 billion in spending reductions as the first part of their plan to solve the state's $6.2 billion budget deficit. The biggest cut: $286 million in projected spending on aid to counties and municipalities across the state.

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Major players reluctant to join unallotment fray

Whether Pawlenty overstepped his authority or not, Minnesota's still facing an additional $1.2 billion deficit in the current budget cycle.

This means that many interest groups that might have challenged the governor's budgetary authority are reticent about getting involved in litigation.

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Will unallotment ruling spur additional lawsuits?

At first glance, last week's unallotment ruling by Ramsey County District Court Judge Kathleen Gearin's would seem to have a limited impact: restoring $5.3 million in funding for a nutrition program that assists poor people. But the judge's broader determination -- that Gov. Tim Pawlenty overstepped his legal authority by unilaterally closing a $2.7 billion budget gap last year -- could have far-ranging fiscal ramifications and instigate additional litigation.

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Local governments balk at passing on cost of cuts

Local governments across Minnesota dodged a bullet earlier this week when Gov. Tim Pawlenty announced he wouldn't apply unilateral cuts to the $400 million in aid payments the state is due to issue later this month. But here's an interesting footnote to the fiscal crises faced by cities and counties: Many local units of government are declining to take full advantage of their levy powers to make up cuts in state aid.

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