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Property tax fix is politically fraught

Property taxes will once again be a politically volatile issue at the Capitol. That was readily apparent at a committee hearing Wednesday evening on a proposal to phase out the state’s business property tax over a dozen years.

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Republicans pitch property tax relief

When House Taxes Chairman Greg Davids stepped to the podium at a Capitol news conference Monday, it was clear the high-ranking Republican’s pitch for property tax relief wouldn’t be an apology for changes made last session.

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Lobbyists scramble to digest budget

Some bills were only posted online in the early hours of Wednesday morning, just hours — or minutes — before they passed. By morning they were signed into law by the governor. Now some lobbyists, many of whom spend long days and nights at the Capitol during session, are scrambling to understand the budget bills’ implications for their clients.

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Dayton shutdown plan would spread pain broadly

The stark contours of Gov. Mark Dayton’s shutdown filing Wednesday in Ramsey County District Court have sent shivers down the spines of a broad assortment of people who work for and with the state. School officials, social service providers and heavy industry are among the groups that are bracing for state funds to dry up after July 1.

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Rising GOP tide lifted some lobbyists’ boats

Members of the Capitol lobbying corps could have been excused for thinking they were in the wrong building at the start of the 2011 legislative session. A new administration and 60 new legislators took office in St. Paul, and a new complement of Republican leaders and chairs took the place of DFLers in both legislative chambers. The Capitol building itself was just about the only thing that resembled the state of affairs from the prior year.

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