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Marriage amendment had big impact in burbs

Rumblings about the marriage amendment’s unpopularity in the western suburbs came early in the campaign season. Orange and blue “vote no” signs vastly outnumbered “vote yes” ones, particularly in places like Edina, and Republican candidates running for the Legislature avoided the issue at the doors and in debates at all cost.

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DFLers exult over reclaiming legislative majorities

Before closing his victory speech after winning back the DFL majority in the Minnesota Senate, a teary-eyed DFL Senate Minority Leader Tom Bakk grabbed the arm of one of his first-time candidates and lifted it high. “I want to introduce you to Senator-elect Melisa Franzen,” Bakk shouted to an exuberant crowd of DFLers gathered in downtown St. Paul at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. “They didn’t lose because they are Republicans; they lost because they are wrong.”

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Dayton calls for union vote among child-care providers

Gov. Mark Dayton issued an executive order on Tuesday calling for an election within 60 days to determine if in-home day-care providers want union representation. The state's roughly 11,000 licensed child-care workers will vote on whether they wish to be represented by the SEIU Kids First Local 284 and AFSCME Council 5.

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