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Issues to watch in 2015

Deciding just how to spend — or, indeed, whether to spend — the largest projected surplus since 2007 ought to be complex enough to occupy state politicos’ time for the next five months.

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Petersen skeptical about fate of teacher evals

Sen. Branden Petersen, R-Andover, has been tackling the complex issue of teacher evaluation since he arrived at the Capitol. As a House freshman in 2011, Petersen played a central role in crafting a new system of teacher evaluations that passed as part of that year’s education bill.

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Minn. biz groups spent big on lobbying in 2012

During 2012, roughly 1,400 lobbyists were paid to represent 1,354 organizations in St. Paul, according to a report on lobbyist spending released by the Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board on Wednesday. Those groups spent $11,478,298 on lobbying activities, a number that doesn't include lobbyist fees or salaries.

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Marty laments campaign finance proposals

On the afternoon that the House cast its historic vote in favor of gay marriage — completely monopolizing attention at the Capitol — the Senate quietly debated a bill overhauling the state’s campaign finance rules. Most notably, the bill would significantly increase caps on spending and contributions for political campaigns.

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