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Legislators introduce bill establishing health insurance exchange

A bipartisan group of legislators unveiled a bill on Wednesday to create a state-administered marketplace where individuals and corporations will be able to purchase health insurance. Minnesota must enact such legislation by the end of March in order to be in compliance with the federal Affordable Care Act, which will be fully implemented in 2014.

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Budget agreement could hinge on policy, bonding measures

With less than a month to go before the Legislature is constitutionally required to adjourn, the GOP-controlled House and Senate find themselves fundamentally at odds with DFL Gov. Mark Dayton on the role of new tax revenues in fixing the state's $5 billion deficit. Dayton is pushing for about $2.5 billion in tax increases to help close the budget deficit, while Republicans are continuing to espouse an all-cuts budget.

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Dayton cabinet appointments could be drawn into budget deal

Only one of Gov. Mark Dayton's commissioners has been approved by the Senate so far. But as session draws closer to the adjournment date, sources say to watch for committee hearings to take up commissioner appointments, and some more controversial picks could be taken up on the floor. Why? The Republicans may use some appointments as leverage in the looming budget showdown.

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