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Session ’13 politics: Let the games begin

The last time DFLers controlled all the levers of power at the Capitol, during the 1989-90 legislative session, Duane Benson was the Republican Senate minority leader. Benson recalls making a floor speech at the time comparing the dynamic to a basketball contest between the Harlem Globetrotters and the Washington Generals.

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New location, job for Berglin

There is a cloudy magenta scarf draped over Linda Berglin’s shoulders, with delicate patches of silk that resemble faded autumn leaves and pastel butterflies. She makes scarves like these herself. “It makes me happy when I wear them,” she says.

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GOP gets half a loaf on K-12 priorities

With newly installed Republican majorities in the House and Senate, K-12 education reform became the subject of intense debate this year, a struggle that began in the regular session and continued until just hours before the Legislature convened to pass the package of budget bills that ended the shutdown in July.

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