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DHS defends Medicaid reimbursement practices in response to Congress

Minnesota Department of Human Services Commissioner Lucinda Jesson offered a robust defense of the state's administration of its Medicaid program in a response Thursday to pointed inquiries from Congress. Jesson took umbrage at an assertion that the state has "claimed upwards of $500 million in improper federal Medicaid reimbursement over the past decade."

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Impending union vote stirs day care issue again

For nearly six years, union officials have been working to build support for representing the state’s in-home day care providers. Now that campaign will come down to a one-month effort to convince roughly 4,300 small business owners that union representation is in their best interest.

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How much have HMO payments increased?

The roughly $3 billion in public dollars that's funneled to the state's health-maintenance organizations is receiving increased scrutiny this legislative session. That's in large part because of the state's unprecedented $6.2 billion budget.

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