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2013 session leaves unfinished business

Whether the 2013 legislative session in Minnesota was a successful one depends on which Democrat you ask. While many long-sought DFL priorities were achieved at the end of the five-month session, including gay marriage and increased spending on education, a handful of high-priority issues were ultimately shelved in 2013 in the hustle and bustle of crafting a $38 billion budget.

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Gun proposals stall in the Legislature

After debating a bill to expand background checks to gun shows, private sales and online sales for nearly two hours Wednesday morning, the House Public Safety Finance and Policy Committee reconvened in the evening only for a moment to lay over the bill instead of taking a vote, leaving the fate of background checks hanging in limbo.

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House lawmakers introduce new gun proposal without universal background checks

With less than two weeks to go before legislators hit a deadline to pass policy proposals, DFL Rep. Deb Hilstrom and more than 70 co-sponsors in the House introduced a proposal that would increase penalties for felons convicted of possessing firearms and makes it a felony for individuals who provide false reports of stolen or lost firearms or knowingly purchase a gun for an ineligible person. The bill would also step up law enforcement collection and sharing of background check data.

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Utilities brace for 2013 energy-policy battles

The outlook for energy policy is quite different as DFLers get set to take control of both the House and Senate in the 2013 legislative session. Business groups that had pursued an aggressive agenda in the last two years of GOP control will likely adopt a more defensive posture.

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Public defenders seek 14 percent budget increase

Two years ago, the state’s public defender system was in dire shape. The number of lawyers had dropped by roughly 60 since 2008, a 14 percent reduction. Consequently attorneys were handling nearly twice as many cases as recommended by the American Bar Association.

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Caucus campaign teams gear up

It was supposed to be a show of electoral force, and it was: After filing for office en masse on Thursday morning, several dozen GOP lawmakers and candidates lined the back wall and spilled out the doors of a press room in the State Office Building.

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