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House, Senate differ on key Legacy measures

Republican lawmakers are wrangling on several fronts as they move Legacy funding bills to the floor. The Legacy amendment, which was approved by Minnesota voters in 2008, provides roughly $550 million in dedicated sales tax dollars for arts and culture, parks and trails, water cleanup and habitat acquisition.

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Capitol security and renovations remain thorny

Rep. Dean Urdahl wants to spend $550,000 in dedicated proceeds from the 2008 Legacy sales tax amendment to create a State Capitol Preservation Commission. The 16-member panel would be charged with selecting an architectural firm to draw up plans for a comprehensive, multiyear renovation of the century-old building.

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Legacy money for PILT?

By law, the $540 million in anticipated 2012-13 proceeds from Minnesota's so-called Legacy Amendment, passed in 2008, are dedicated to specific environmental and cultural purposes. But it's been clear since the start of the 2011 session that legislators would seek to dragoon some of those dollars into helping to solve the state's $5 billion budget deficit.

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