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Many GOP priorities make it into state government bill

The state government finance bill may have been the last omnibus bill to pass in the recently concluded special session that ended the government shutdown, but in the eyes of Republican legislators, it certainly wasn’t the least. Although Republicans’ social policy proposals were rejected by Gov. Mark Dayton, the state government finance bill is loaded with GOP policy priorities for revamping the way state government operates.

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Did Gov. Dayton orchestrate the government shutdown?

From his pronouncements in the State of the State address to his actions throughout the legislative session, all indications are that Gov. Mark Dayton was prepared to take his agenda for an income tax increase to a shutdown of state services. His strategic rhetoric about compromise and meeting halfway may lead some observers to believe that his objective for the 2011 session was to sign a balanced budget by May 23, but actions speak louder than words. And a review of his actions over the past six months indicates that he may have intentionally orchestrated events that led to a 20-day state government shutdown.

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