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GOP gov hopefuls Seifert and Emmer take neck-and-neck race to convention delegates

If you're going by the attack spin of the GOP gubernatorial endorsement fight, delegates to this weekend's state Republican convention in Minneapolis will choose between a) an introverted state representative who made a last-minute campaign error last week by drawing attention to his opponent's 30-year-old DWI record; and b) a sometimes reckless legislator who casts himself as a political outsider, yet picked the "ultimate insider" to be his running mate.

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Lobbying report criticized

There isn’t a lot you can learn by perusing the state’s annual report on lobbying activity in Minnesota, but here’s what we do know: Special-interest groups, organizations and companies spent more than $52.5 million lobbying the Minnesota Legislature last year. That’s almost $10 million less than they spent in 2008 and the smallest amount since 2004, according to a report from the Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board.

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Are lieutenant governors necessary?

As Minnesota attempts to dig itself out of a $1.2 billion deficit, the 15-term DFL representative from Minneapolis came up with a plan that some say would save the state an estimated $500,000 each biennium. The idea: Abolish the position of lieutenant governor.

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Schultz: Impact of Citizens United might not be as predicted

Speculation surrounds the probable impact of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission decision enabling corporations to spend money on express advocacy. Will it naturally favor Republicans? Will it mean more money in politics and therefore costlier campaigns? Perhaps, but other scenarios are also possible.

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