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Property taxes: Direction unknown

One day this week, East Grand Forks Mayor Lynn Strauss picked up his copy of the Grand Forks Herald to find divergent stories on the paper’s front page. On one side, the Minnesota Legislature was depicted as trying to maneuver under the weight of a $1 billion-plus deficit. On the other, a story noted elected officials in newly booming North Dakota were full of bold new ideas.

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St. Cloud legislators take heat at town hall meeting

The word of the evening was compromise, and St. Cloud resident Don Bechtold struck the tone early. “You’re not in office to hold your ground and die standing, you’re here to compromise. I drove 10 miles to tell you that,” Bechtold said to GOP Reps. King Banaian and Steve Gottwalt and Sen. John Pederson, who hosted a town hall meeting Monday night. His comments triggered applause from nearly everyone packed tightly into the Haven Township Hall — more than 60 in all — while the legislators quietly nodded and took notes.

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