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2011 may be bad, but we’ve seen worse

We are divided and faltering in Minnesota and the United States, staggering through a state government shutdown over a legislative refusal to raise more revenue, and teetering on the brink of a disastrous and unprecedented default on our national debt for essentially the same reason.

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Smith: Age-old wisdom on public education

Let’s deduce. It’s post-democracy, obviously, and no doubt American, given the responsibility delegated mostly to states and their legislatures for education. And considering the pre-feminist reference to “his,” maybe a good guess would be a progressive do-gooder from the 19th or 20th century—maybe even a Founding Father.

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Smith: Don’t blame – or favor – the rich

Most wealthy and successful people in Minnesota and the United States can be celebrated. They should not be blamed, individually or as a class, for growing economic inequality and our increasingly regressive federal and state tax systems. They are not entirely responsible for the no-new-taxes orthodoxy and the public disinvestment that is threatening our quality of life and our prosperity in Minnesota.

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