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When government is part of the problem: the sequel

Last year I wrote about an exchange in the 2010 session between now retired Rep. Larry Haws, DFL-St. Cloud, and Rep. Mark Buesgens, R-Jordan. Haws sponsored legislation to allow students to transfer credits between MNSCU campuses; Buesgens was incensed that it took an act of the Legislature to do something so common-sensical.

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Gubernatorial transitions are fire drills even under the best of circumstances

Members of Minnesota's next gubernatorial administration could be excused for moving into the west wing of the Capitol under cover of night and locking the door behind them. Besides the small matter of an estimated $5.8 billion budget deficit, there is also the likelihood - if, as expected, Democrat Mark Dayton prevails in a pending recount - that the new governor will face a Legislature controlled by his political opponents. (Both Dayton and Republican nominee Tom Emmer have announced transition team leaders.)

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A bad week for McElroy, DEED

Between the brickbats from two prominent DFL state senators and a critical legislative auditor's report, the past few days have been decidedly unkind to the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) and its commissioner, Dan McElroy.

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Some surprises from Forecast Day

In the large view, a lot about Wednesday's release of the November economic forecast was entirely preordained. The news, once again, was going to be bad. The governor would then sling arrows at the Democrats in the Legislature, after which the press corps in attendance would scuttle downstairs to hear the Democrats in the Legislature sling arrows at the governor. But the day held a few surprises as well.

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Jobless claims are taxing trust fund

Minnesota’s unemployment insurance trust fund is currently running about a $23 million deficit, but that won’t prevent jobless workers from continuing to receive benefits, according to state Department of Employment and Economic Development Commissioner Dan McElroy.

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