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Detecting radon gas

A little softball shaped kit that you open up, place in your basement and forget about for several days could be what stands between you and unhealthy levels of radon exposure in your home.

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A mercurial attitude

As concerns continue to swirl about the H1N1 virus, Dakota County officials are taking the opportunity to remind residents that now might be the time to get rid of those old mercury thermometers lying in the back of their medicine cabinets.

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Give a chemical, take a chemical

With winter approaching, a lot of people are cleaning out their garages—many in hopes of actually stuffing their cars inside. That being the case, the folks at Dakota County are issuing a friendly reminder that you can take a lot of your junk—that is to say, your old, dead snowblowers, lawn mowers and TVs, along with used tires, batteries and even household chemicals and solvents—to the county’s Recycling Zone, 3365 Dodd Road in Eagan.

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