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Dayton: Local property taxes will dip by $120 million

Gov. Mark Dayton and DFL legislators today took credit for a projected $121 million decline in property taxes for 2014. Republicans, however, flatly denied that the local property tax reductions will happen and Dayton conceded that only local elected officials, not state lawmakers, can reduce property taxes with the increased aid they get from the state.

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Paper trail: The details on proposed city and county aid cuts

"We were expecting it to be pretty bad," said Gary Carlson of the League of Minnesota Cities when we encountered him at the Capitol today, just moments after Gov. Tim Pawlenty released his 2010 supplemental budget, "and it was pretty bad." He's talking about the $250 million in added cuts to city and county government funding that were proposed in Pawlenty's plan. Here's how it would all break out, according to Minnesota Department of Revenue.

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