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Horner party invokes ghost of Jesse Ventura

Breaking with the election night tradition that compels candidates to remain cloistered until glory or defeat is confirmed, Independence Party gubernatorial hopeful Tom Horner strolled into his campaign headquarters at precisely 7:55 last night and began to press the flesh.

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Republican AG candidate a complete unknown to state politicos, voters

For the past 40 years, irrespective of larger political currents, the Minnesota DFL has owned the office of state attorney general. Beginning in the middle of the first Nixon administration, the post has been occupied by an uninterrupted quartet of Democrats: Warren Spannaus (1971-82), Hubert H. "Skip" Humphrey III (1983-98), Mike Hatch (1999-2006), and Hatch protégé Lori Swanson (2007-present).

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Cage match: a GOP convention FAQ

One of the few things that organizers and delegates to this weekend’s state Republican convention can agree on: The gubernatorial endorsement battle between Tom Emmer and Marty Seifert won’t drag out as long as the 2002 fight between Tim Pawlenty and Brian Sullivan.

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