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House GOP names its new top staff

As part of the ongoing planning for the 2013 legislative session, the House Republican Caucus has named its top staff. Chas Anderson, who has been the caucus's executive director for the last two years when the GOP held the majority, will hold the same title when they become the minority on Jan. 8.

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House names committee administrators

The House Republican Caucus has hired a raft of new committee administrators who will try to bring order to the chaos of the legislative process as the new majority takes office. Their ranks include veteran caucus staffers as well as political refugees from the administration of outgoing GOP Gov. Tim Pawlenty.

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Senate caucuses name leadership staffs

The key staffers who have plotted the remaking of the Senate Republican Caucus in recent years will be running the show when they take the majority in January. Campaign guru Cullen Sheehan will continue as the caucus's chief of staff. Indefatigable GOP political operative and deputy state party chair Michael Brodkorb will continue in his role as communications director.

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