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Phil Krinkie’s pitch: I’m the ‘results’ guy

In Minnesota political circles, Phil Krinkie is best known as one of the state’s most prominent fiscal conservatives. But his day job for more than 30 years was in the customer service business. Krinkie said he plans to bring that customer-service mindset to his campaign in the 6th Congressional District, referring repeatedly to himself as ready to be “hired” to represent the district’s constituents.

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Sivarajah builds her bona fides in CD 6 race

Rhonda Sivarajah isn’t typically regarded as the conservative lightning rod in the GOP race to succeed U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann. But Sivarajah, who entered the race in June, has used her role as as chair of the Anoka County Board of Commissioners to push through a series of measures that could burnish her image among activists in the state’s most conservative congressional district.

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Bachmann fundraiser Wolcott and chief of staff Carey depart

News from Rep. Michele Bachmann's office lit up the internet this afternoon on two fronts: Politico reported that Bachmann's finance director, Zandra Wolcott, was leaving the campaign after reporting huge sums of funds raised for the quarter. And John Gilmore, a St. Paul attorney, claimed in a tweet that Bachmann's chief of staff, Ron Carey, has left the office.

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Tinklenberg out

Elwyn Tinklenberg announced today the termination of his campaign for U.S. Congress in the Sixth District. In a statement on his site, he said the ...

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