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Alleged child care fraud biggest in state history

A husband and wife from Fridley allegedly bilked the state of more than $4 million as part of a complex scheme in which they recruited aid-eligible parents to enroll their children in day care, created no show jobs for the parents to satisfy work requirements and submitted false records to the Department of Human Services.

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Police ‘Spam cans’ target Maplewood car thieves

Right out of the box, Maplewood's new anti-vehicle-theft technology has proved its effectiveness. The system - essentially three camera-bearing, Spam-can shaped boxes hanging off the city's unmarked squad car - nabbed a stolen vehicle two days after it was deployed earlier this month.

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Gang database work group appointed

Michael Campion, superintendent of the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, has named a 20-member panel to study the issue of gang databases maintained by law-enforcement agencies. The work group will be co-chaired by Don Gemberling, a veteran advocate of government transparency, and David Johnson, executive director of Minnesota Justice Information Services.

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