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Bruce Montplaisir

Jul 9, 2010

SD 28 race puts longtime DFL seat in play

Joe Fricke has heard the words “political newcomer” many times. It’s what the news media and opponents are calling the 28-year-old law school graduate as he vies for a coveted seat in the Minnesota Senate. And while the label connotes a lack of experience, Fricke thinks it’s precisely that lack of experience that could be his ticket to St. Paul.

Jun 21, 2010

Fricke wins DFL endorsement in SD 28, but primary looms

Joe Fricke has won the DFL endorsement to replace retiring state Sen. Steve Murphy. The 28-year-old attorney easily defeated Bruce Montplaisir, superintendent of the Lewiston-Altura school district, at Saturday's party convention. Fricked received 41 votes, compared to 7 for his DFL rival.

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