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Bob Dettmer

Sep 21, 2016

Easing access to state contracts for underserved communities

Procurement-equity initiative aims to help lift disadvantaged communities out of poverty

Sep 5, 2014

Franken, McFadden stake positions on Islamic State terrorist group

Even before Franken went public with his letter of concern, the Republican Party of Minnesota was targeting the Democratic incumbent for what it called "broken promises."

Apr 10, 2013

Bonding 2013: Dayton, House go large

When it comes to bonding in Minnesota this year, everyone can agree on one thing and one thing only: Capitol restoration. The slated set of repairs to the 108-year-old building has support from Gov. Mark Dayton and Republicans and Democrats in both the House and Senate.

Apr 9, 2013

House Democrats unveil $800 million bonding wish list

House Capital Investment Chairwoman Alice Hausman is calling for an $800 million bonding bill this session that would take a big bite out of the Capitol restoration project and invest heavily in civic centers and construction projects on college campuses across the state.

Oct 17, 2012

Kaler’s first U of M budget breaks new ground

The 2013 Legislature marks University of Minnesota President Eric Kaler’s first chance to negotiate a budget request at the State Capitol.

Apr 11, 2012

Former Sen. Olseen to run for House

Olseen was first elected to the state Senate in 2006, but was dealt significan defeat in 2010 when he lost to GOP Sen. Sean Nienow by nearly 13 points.

Mar 7, 2012

As endorsing season looms, MN legislators scrambling to finalize election plans

House and Senate races across the state are rapidly shaking out after the release of the 2012 legislative map last month. And with local endorsing conventions set to take place throughout March, incumbents and challengers alike have little time to make decisions about their political futures.

Mar 5, 2012

Legislative contests come into focus

House and Senate races across the state are rapidly shaking out following the release of new legislative maps.

Feb 1, 2011

Bondings and its discontents; primary day for Sertich seat

Viewed one way, it’s just a new path for state government to go about ordering supplies and services from more vendors. Viewed another way, it’s a potent pro-business initiative that could help lift disadvantaged communities out of poverty. It will be years before we know whether the grander of those visions plays out for the ...

Jun 30, 2010

Redistricting: Get ready for the reign of the exurbs

A glance at the wide population swings in some of Minnesota's legislative districts is a reminder that lawmakers don't redraw the districts every 10 years for the heck of it: Major population shifts are frequently in play.

May 14, 2010

House approves bill for legislators called to active military duty

The Minnesota House this afternoon approved a bill that would allow legislators who are called to active military duty during a legislative session to suggest temporary replacements while they are deployed.

Jun 22, 2009

GOP to choose House leader

A new leader for the state House GOP caucus is expected to emerge from a closed-door meeting in the State Office Building at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday.

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