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Senate Democrats add full Capitol restoration project to tax bill

FL Sen. Ann Rest offered an amendment to the omnibus Senate tax bill on Wednesday that would pay cash for the $203 million remaining on repairs to the more than 100-year-old building, as well as allow the state to enter a lease-to-purchase agreement to construct a new office building near the Capitol. Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk said he didn't want to see the project, a priority for all four legilsative caucuses and Gov. Mark Dayton, held hostage in end-of-session negotiations.

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Taxes: All eyes now turn to Skoe

Now that the Dayton administration and House Democrats have both released their tax plans for financing an ambitious $38 billion state budget that includes 6 percent in spending hikes, the last piece of the revenue puzzle comes down to the predilections of the Senate DFL caucus and its first-year Taxes Committee chairman, Sen. Rod Skoe.

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HIX bills draw closer to floor debate

Legislation to establish a Minnesota health insurance exchange is nearing the end of its grueling committee march. The House version has cleared six committees, with stops at Taxes and Ways and Means still ahead. In the Senate, where the bill has also cleared six committees, it awaits only a stop in Rules and Administration before moving to the floor.

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Sales tax plan is a hard sell

If his 2013 budget proposal is any indication, Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton intends to make history. The document landed on Tuesday, containing some of the most significant proposed tax overhauls and increases in Minnesota in decades.

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