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Zellers, Dean will lead House GOP majority

Rep. Kurt Zellers was elected Speaker of the House by the GOP caucus on Saturday morning. The five-term Maple Grove legislator will lead what's expected to be a 72-62 seat GOP majority after Republicans picked up 25 seats in this week's elections.

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November surprise: Top five state Leg upsets

Few political prognosticators believed the Republicans had much chance of winning majorities in both the state House and Senate. But when the electoral smoke cleared early Wednesday morning that's exactly what had occurred. The GOP established a 37-30 majority in the Senate and a 72-62 hold on the House (barring any changes via mandated recounts).

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The money hunt: GOP primaries

Republicans are slated to squared off in a handful of competitive state legislative primary contests on August 10. In most instances, the GOP rivals are vying to take on a DFL incumbent in districts that look winnable.

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