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Closing ads aim for middle ground

In many ways, the closing statements being made via 30-second TV spot in the race for governor echo the tone of the whole campaign since around Labor Day. Ahead of Tuesday's vote, the campaigns of Republican Tom Emmer and Democrat Mark Dayton are doubling down on their respective messages - and seeking to convince skeptics that each is a swell guy to boot.

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2 new polls due out tomorrow

The last KSTP poll showed DFLer Mark Dayton at 42 percent, Republican Tom Emmer at 37 percent support. Tom Horner had 14 percent. In the last MPR/Humphrey poll, Dayton had 38 percent, Emmer had 27 percent and Horner had 16.

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Independent-spending groups have trumped gubernatorial campaigns in money and media firepower

Facing a contest that has typically been labeled by most election analysts and pollsters as a "toss-up," third-party groups are pulling in millions of dollars from donors, national organizations, unions and corporations looking to tip the scale in their preferred candidate's favor. The groups' advertisements and activities have been some of the most visible of this year's campaign season.

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Dayton’s money dominates in gov race

At this stage in the governor's race four years ago, Republican Tim Pawlenty, DFLer Mike Hatch and the Independence Party's Peter Hutchinson had collected nearly $5 million in contributions, with the incumbent Pawlenty hauling in about three-fifths of that total.

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