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Horner ponders his future

Tom Horner took a bigger risk than most when he embarked on his run for governor of Minnesota. The former Republican pundit and strategist turned Independence Party candidate alienated many of his old political allies when he switched party affiliation to challenge to GOP candidate Tom Emmer and DFLer Mark Dayton.

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Emmer concedes governor’s race to Dayton

With his legal options in the gubernatorial election recount at a dead end, Republican Tom Emmer conceded the race to DFLer Mark Dayton on Wednesday morning. “Minnesotans have made their choice, by however thin a margin, and we respect that choice,” Emmer said outside his Delano home Wednesday morning. “Today is about closure. I’m honored to have been part of the process.”

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MN Supreme Court rejects Emmer’s arguments over ballot reconciliation

The Minnesota Supreme Court has unanimously rejected Republican Tom Emmer's legal arguments regarding the correct method of counting ballots in the Minnesota governor's race. The court issued an opinion on Tuesday stating that local election officials could rely on either voter signatures or voter receipts to come up with the proper number of ballots legally cast.

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