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Hotline: T-Paw’s opposition to insurance mandates could help presidential prospects

Gov. Tim Pawlenty's consistent opposition to a new federal requirement that Americans purchase health insurance could bolster his national political ambitions, suggests a recent post on the National Journal's Hotline blog. Such mandates have become a touchstone issue since the passage of the national health care package, with Republicans across the country arguing that they're unconstitutional.

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Federal health overhaul: There’s gold in that there bill

The 2,400 page federal health care bill will likely take state budget officials months to parse thoroughly. Nobody knows at this point exactly how much money will will ultimately trickle down to Minnesota's coffers. But it seems highly likely that additional potential revenue streams will be discovered as the legislation is reviewed.

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House looks poised to pass GAMC bill

The House is expected to take up General Assistance Medical Care legislation when it convenes this afternoon. Legislators from both parties reached an agreement with Gov. Tim Pawlenty earlier this month to salvage the program, which provides medical coverage for poor, single adults. The Senate subsequently passed the legislation with broad bi-partisan support.

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