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Greenwood: Connecting people to power

This month Ryan Greenwood is stepping down as political director for TakeAction Minnesota after five years in the post. Capitol Report sat down with Greenwood to discuss the outcome of that effort, the 2010 legislative races and his plans for the future.

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Tribal PACs give nearly $1.2 million in 2010 election

The 2010 Minnesota election is one that will undeniably be marked by the influence of third-party groups, which have put millions of dollars - some more than any of the governor candidates - to influence the outcome. In addition to the more than $5 million funneled into DFL candidate coffers via labor-backed group Alliance for a Better Minnesota, tribal political action committees have put nearly $1.2 million into mostly DFL hands so far this year.

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RCP: 2010 could produce “once-in-a-century” election rout

Real Clear Politics' Sean Trende published an election analysis this morning that should scare the bejesus out of Democratic campaigns all across the country. Trende argues that big-picture factors are perfectly aligned to produce a "massive Republican blowout" more comparable to Democratic gains in 1932 than to the more modest gains made by Republicans in 1994.

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