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Public Notices

St. Paul Legal Ledger Public Notices



How to Publish a Public Notice

St. Paul Legal Ledger is the official Public Notice newspaper for Ramsey County and is published Mondays and Thursdays. (Need to publish in Hennepin County? Click here.)

In Order for a notice to be published, it must be submitted at least two business days in advance.  Every notice published in St. Paul Legal Ledger newspaper also appears on our website, at no additional charge.

If you would like to set up your notice for publication, attach and email it to us at [email protected].  Be sure to leave your contact information and any special instructions, and we will reply back to you with an intended start date. If you have any further questions, please email us at the above address, or call us at 612-584-1563.

What Types of Notices Do We Publish?

BIDS: Because St. Paul Legal Ledger is the recognized leader in construction project news, publishing your bid notices in St. Paul Legal Ledger means your call for bids reaches thousands of interested decision-makers in both print and digital formats. And St. Paul Legal Ledger’s notarized Affidavit of Publication ensures compliance with state and federal notice requirements.
BUSINESS: Corporations with offices in the St. Paul metropolitan area rely on St. Paul Legal Ledger to satisfy public notice requirements for items such as corporate dissolutions. St. Paul Legal Ledger issues an Affidavit following publication to make compliance official.
GOVERNMENT: The St. Paul Legal Ledger serves city, county and state offices when they need to notify the community of public hearings and meetings, or other official business. St. Paul Legal Ledger is the recognized leader in notice publication, and its newspaper and website ensure those notices are easily accessible to the public. It is also the official paper of record for the City of St. Paul.
INDIVIDUAL/FAMILY: St. Paul Legal Ledger publishes summons when personal service cannot be made to defendants, as courts accept the Affidavit of Publication in lieu of personal service and will allow the entry of judgment in favor of the plaintiff.
PERSONAL PROPERTY: Public interest in auctions of unclaimed storage unit property has risen dramatically. Prior to conducting these sales, state statutes require a notice to be published. St. Paul Legal Ledger provides the perfect advertising medium for compliance and offers the lowest pricing of any newspaper of general circulation in the St. Paul area.
PROBATE: Minnesota requires estates to publish probate notices to alert creditors that may have a claim against a decedent. St. Paul Legal Ledger is the recognized source for probate notices in Ramsey county. St. Paul Legal Ledger’s flat fee for probate notices is easy and compliance is documented with an Affidavits of Publication.
REAL ESTATE: Foreclosure/Sheriff’s Sale notices are required by law to serve notice that a creditor is listing a property for sale. St. Paul Legal Ledger has served as the leading source for Foreclosure and Sheriff’s Sale listings for Ramsey county.

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