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Remembering Justice Ginsburg’s Impact on Business

Will Paterson

In her own practice and as a member of the Supreme Court of the United States, Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a pioneer for women’s rights and was fundamental to the Court’s changing perspective on these issues. Still, her impact in other areas, including business, should not be forgotten.

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COVID-19, Commercial Leases, and Force Majeure

Ryan Lawrence and William Patterson

COVID-19 has dramatically impacted the commercial real estate industry. Even as states like Minnesota gradually reopen their economies, others are reversing earlier efforts to relax restrictions.

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Anthony Ostlund’s Art Boylan relishes a court battle

As Art Boylan joined the executive committee at Anthony Ostlund Baer & Louwagie, he was reminded of a catch-all expression phrase one of his early mentors used to describe the job of lawyering: This is a hell of a way to make a living.

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