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Charles Ramsay

Charles Ramsay

Ramsay Law Firm

Address: 2780 Snelling Avenue North, Ste. 330,

City: Roseville

State: MN

Phone: 651-604-0000

Website: 55113

Category: Dangerous Drugs & Supplements Drinking and Driving Offenses Drugs / Controlled Substances

Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist (MSBA)
Board Certified DWI Defense Law
(As recognized by the American Bar Association, not MSBA)

Starting in 1995, after his honorable discharge from service in the United States Army, Charles (“Chuck”) Ramsay founded Ramsay Law Firm . . . and has been practicing criminal defense ever since. Chuck has built a nation-wide reputation as the “go-to” guy for defending DWI cases, and along the way gained acquittals in every type of case imaginable (and in non-DWI cases, up to and including First Degree Murder). While he still handles the occasional non-DWI case, Chuck’s passion rests in defending anyone charged with a DWI. A well-known trial attorney, Chuck has brought more DWI cases to trial than most defense attorneys have even taken on. And his passion extends beyond trial; Chuck has appeared before the Minnesota Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court in approximately 75 cases.

Chuck’s focus on DWI defense was no accident – he dedicated his career to defending DWI cases because it’s the type of case he loves and the type of people he wants to help. This is partly due to the ever-changing nature of DWI defense; constitutional challenges can be raised in most cases, and the scientific basis for breath, blood, and urine tests provide endless opportunities to win cases for his clients. When Chuck decided to focus his practice on DWI defense, he started by crafting the motto “Every DWI Case Is Winnable,” and then set out to prove himself right. And over the last two decades, thousands of Chuck’s prior clients have ended their cases by saying “Thank you, Chuck” because of the energy and effort he always puts into proving his motto is the only way to treat a DWI charge.



Bachelor of Arts, University of Wisonsin, Madison, WI.

Juris Doctor, William Mitchell College of Law, St. Paul, MN.

Graduate, Robert F. Borkenstein Course on Alcohol and Highway Safety at the University of Indiana


1999 First of many selections as “Super Lawyer” as recognized by Super Lawyers

2007 First of several selections as “Top 40 Criminal Defense Attorneys” as recognized by Minnesota Law & Politics (acquired by Thompson Reuters / Super Lawyers in 2010)

2011 “Attorney of the Year” as recognized by Minnesota Lawyer

2016 Second selection as “Attorney of the Year” as recognized by Minnesota Lawyer. As this was Chuck’s second selection as Attorney of the Year, he is also now included in the “Circle of Excellence.”


Founding Member, DUI Defense Lawyers Association (DUIDLA), a non-profit, nationwide bar association dedicated to improving the trial and advocacy skills of defense attorneys who focus on alcohol and drug related driving offenses.

Faculty, National College for DUI Defense (NCDD, a professional, non-profit corporation dedicated to the improvement of the criminal defense bar, and to the dissemination of information to the public about DUI Defense Law as an area of law practice.

Member, Minnesota Society for Criminal Justice (MSCJ), an exclusive invite-only college of approximately 50 Minnesota defense attorneys, gathered together to “promote justice by supporting changes in the law – both legislatively and through litigation in the courts.”