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Cara Lee Neville

Cara Lee Neville

Benchmark National ADR

Address: 80 S 8th St, 4900 IDS Center, Minneapolis, MN, 55402

City: Minneapolis

State: MN

Phone: 612-584-7378


Category: Arbitration Early Neutral Evaluation Judge for Practice and Summary Jury Trials Mediation Special Master

Judge Neville not only has years of experience in trial work, but also has the skills and insight to understand more than just legal issues. Mediations, Arbitrations and other forms of ADR require the understanding of personal emotions involved in litigation. Judge Neville brings decades of experience and analysis to finding effective solutions to complex controversies in a less contentious and adversarial manor than a lengthy and costly trial. These are skills which are instrumental to productive and successful mediation and arbitration.

Cara Lee Neville
Benchmark National ADR
4900 IDS Center
80 S 8th St
Minneapolis, MN 55402-2100
[email protected]
Qualified Neutral under Rule 114