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Construction and Real Estate Law

Thomas Bray, Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP
Jun 30, 2022

The POWER 30: Thomas Bray

It’s likely that partner Thomas Bray is exceedingly modest when he describes his law practice as “whatever comes in the door.”

Jenny Carey, Hanft Fride
Jun 30, 2022

The POWER 30: Jenny Carey

Hanft Fride, in different iterations and with different names, has been a fixture in Duluth for more than a century.

Jeffrey W. Coleman, Coleman & Erickson, LLC
Jun 30, 2022

The POWER 30: Jeffrey W. Coleman

Jeffrey W. Coleman’s original plan for his career was to design large structures. But what happened starting in 1978 led him to law school.

Peter J. Coyle, Larkin Hoffman Daly & Lindgren Ltd.
Jun 30, 2022

The POWER 30: Peter J. Coyle

One of Peter Coyle’s current development project cases is the Parkera project on Highway 55 in Plymouth.

Kevin J. DKevin J. Dunlevy, Dunlevy Law, PAunlevy, Dunlevy Law
Jun 30, 2022

The POWER 30: Kevin J. Dunlevy

Inflation is up, and the stock market is volatile. There’s a shortage of supplies and builders.

Leland J. Frankman, Frankman Law Office
Jun 30, 2022

The POWER 30: Leland J. Frankman

The condemnation business is a constant battle between the landowner’s real damages and the government parsing of words to deny compensation, said eminent domain attorney Leland Frankman.

Todd Goderstad, Ames Construction Inc.
Jun 30, 2022

The POWER 30: Todd Goderstad

A career spent as in-house counsel for Ames Construction company means a career in a microcosm of everything that happens in business and law.

Kyle Hart, Fabyanske, Westra, Hart & Thomson
Jun 30, 2022

The POWER 30: Kyle Hart

Building cannot go on without builders, so Kyle Hart’s clients – contractors – are looking all over the world for would-be employees.

John M. Koneck, Fredrikson & Byron P.A.
Jun 30, 2022

The POWER 30: John Koneck

Minnesota’s eviction moratorium came to an end, full stop, on June 1. Reportedly, eviction filings have spiked in recent months to a level 60% greater than pre-COVID.

James Walston & Laura Krenz, Ballard Spahr LLP
Jun 30, 2022

The POWER 30: James Walston & Laura Krenz

At Ballard Spahr in Minneapolis, seasoned real estate lawyers James Walston and Laura Krenz, stayed busy through the pandemic.

Kristine Kubes, Kubes Law Office, PLLC
Jun 30, 2022

The POWER 30: Kristine Kubes

Kristine Kubes’ law practice combines two passions — construction law and a mediation practice that helps people hear each other.

Daniel Maddy, Fryberger, Buchanan, Smith & Frederick, P.A.
Jun 30, 2022

The POWER 30: Daniel Maddy

There is a construction boom in the Duluth area right now, said Daniel Maddy, real estate lawyer at the Fryberger, Buchanan, Smith & Frederick firm that has been a presence in the city since 1893.

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