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Marlon Cush
Apr 30, 2021

In-House Counsel 2021: Marlon Cush

Marlon Cush was about 10 when his family left the South American country of Guyana for New York City’s Queens borough. Growing up in a “family of proverbs,” he still follows this one: “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

Ryan Hoch
Apr 30, 2021

In-House Counsel 2021: Ryan Hoch

Early in his career, before attending law school at the University of Minnesota, attorney Ryan Hoch earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting and spent a year working for the CPA firm Arthur Andersen & Co.

Dave Justmann
Apr 30, 2021

In-House Counsel 2021: Dave Justmann

As the pandemic spread last year, equipment manufacturer Smiths Medical played an essential role in helping companies in other countries gain access to its ventilator design.

Mara Garcia Kaplan
Apr 30, 2021

In-House Counsel 2021: Mara Garcia Kaplan

Like many newly minted lawyers, Mara Garcia Kaplan started out doing firm work. After graduation from William Mitchell College of Law, she worked at several firms.

Melissa Manderschied
Apr 30, 2021

In-House Counsel 2021: Melissa Manderschied

Melissa Manderschied had established a career in community outreach and land-use planning before deciding to become an attorney.

Amanda Matchett
Apr 30, 2021

In-House Counsel 2021: Amanda Matchett

Digital technology has been transforming U.S. health care, helping providers, insurers and patients harness the power of data. Amanda Matchett has been involved in that sea change, as associate general counsel in the health care division of Infor, a St. Paul-based company that develops and sells cloud software.

Robert McGarry
Apr 30, 2021

In-House Counsel 2021: Robert McGarry

For months, Robby McGarry has been deeply engaged in what could be considered a multi-layered challenge: helping lead the formation of Kindeva Drug Delivery L.P. following the $650 million sale and divestment of a global contract manufacturing and development pharmaceutical company from parent company 3M; and doing it in the middle of the worst pandemic in a century.

Abigail Nesbitt
Apr 30, 2021

In-House Counsel 2021: Abigail Nesbitt

To Abigail Nesbitt, litigation is diplomacy by other means. She enjoyed the diplomacy she conducted in four years of practice at Robins Kaplan, but for her, something was missing: the rest of the story.

Jaimala K. Pai
Apr 30, 2021

In-House Counsel 2021: Jaimala K. Pai

Caring for a parent with a rare disease drew Jaimala K. Pai to the health care field. It also informs her approach, as Medtronic’s senior legal director & chief counsel for cardiovascular diagnostics and services (CDS).

Anna Richo
Apr 30, 2021

In-House Counsel 2021: Anna Richo

Now in her third year with Cargill, Anna Richo has fully gotten her sea legs with the Minnetonka-based global food giant.

Joel Rietz
Apr 30, 2021

In-House Counsel 2021: Joel Rietz

The year 2020 was one many people won’t soon forget, but Joel Rietz probably has more reason than most to remember the year of the pandemic.

Daniel Santos
Apr 30, 2021

In-House Counsel 2021: Daniel Santos

COVID-19 drew on Daniel Santos’ skills over a nearly two-decade career as an attorney and a follower of the servant leadership philosophy.

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