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Power 30 personal injury 2022
Mar 21, 2022

The POWER 30: Dan O’Leary

Years of education have taught lawyers to revere stare decisis — binding courts to follow legal precedents set by previous decisions. Practicing has told lawyers to learn from more experienced lawyers.

Josh Peck and Rich Ruohonen
Mar 21, 2022

The POWER 30: Josh Peck and Rich Ruohonen

In 2018, four boys ran away from The Hills, a juvenile residential treatment facility in Duluth. They were troubled boys, but the list of offenses that could get you there included truancy, said attorney Josh Peck.

Paul D. Peterson, Harper & Peterson
Mar 21, 2022

The POWER 30: Paul Peterson

When the government is involved in a tort case, there may be various legal theories under which it and its employees are immune from liability.

Michael Sacchet
Mar 21, 2022

The POWER 30: Michael Sacchet

Bells may be ringing in the cases to date against 3M over their combat arms earplugs, but the plaintiffs can’t hear them.

Brandon Thompson, Ciresi Conlin
Mar 21, 2022

The POWER 30: Brandon Thompson

Brandon Thompson had a slower year in 2021 than he did in 2020, which only means that last year he took in less than $16 million.

Joshua Tuchscherer, Meshbesher & Spence
Mar 21, 2022

The POWER 30: Joshua Tuchscherer

Although Joshua Tuchscherer didn’t try any cases in 2021 thanks to COVID-19, it was still an excellent year, he said.

Sharon Van Dyck, Van Dyck Law Firm
Mar 21, 2022

The POWER 30: Sharon VanDyck

The difference between appellate counsel and trial counsel may be the difference between winning and losing. That’s why a different attorney on the appeal is important, according to Minneapolis appellate attorney Sharon Van Dyck.

Scott Wilson
Mar 21, 2022

The POWER 30: Scott Wilson

Two cases described as “islands in a sea of tort reform” were handed down in 2019. They were appealed by Minneapolis attorney Scott Wilson, who said he also had some “really nice wins” in 2021.

Genevieve Zimmerman
Mar 21, 2022

The POWER 30: Genevieve Zimmerman

About a year ago, Genevieve Zimmerman was listed as a Power 30 lawyer and one of her cases was as plaintiffs’ co-lead counsel in a products liability case against 3M.

Fred Pritzker
Mar 21, 2022

The POWER 30: In memoriam: Fred Pritzker

Minnesota Lawyer’s Power 30 is incomplete this year and will remain that way after the passing of Minneapolis attorney Fred Pritzker.

Mar 7, 2022

Minnesota Lawyer names 2022 In-House Counsel honorees

Minnesota Lawyer is pleased to announce the 2022 In-House Counsel honorees. These lawyers, who work in-house in both the public and private sectors, will be feted in an April 21 breakfast and celebration.

Feb 18, 2022

2021 Attorneys of the Year

The disruptions we saw in 2020 rippled into the work being honored in Minnesota Lawyer’s Attorneys of the Year for 2021.

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