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The attorney is reinstated to the practice of law, conditioned upon his successful completion of the professional responsibility portion of the state bar examination within one year from the date of filing of our Oct. 17, 2007 order, which suspended ...

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Where the attorney committed professional misconduct, namely, conversion of client funds that were subject to a receivership; failure to inform the receiver of the disbursement; failure to return the client funds; failure to timely satisfy a court-ordered judgment entered in ...

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Suspension Extended

Where the attorney committed professional misconduct, namely, neglect of a client matter resulting in dismissal of the clients’ claims, failure to communicate with the clients, and failure to cooperate with the director’s investigation of the clients’ complaint, the attorney’s current ...

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Property; Charitable Status

The Tax Court erred in concluding that property owned by a nonprofit publishing house and used to publish books on a contract basis at a profit, to publish books sold at substantially less than cost, and to publish books donated ...

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