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Child Support Arrears

Where father filed a motion to modify the amount of child support arrears he owed mother; the child support magistrate reduced the amount of arrears ...

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Where claimant, the owner of a sole proprietorship, entered into a business relationship regarding the sale of pumps with C-Aire; a couple months later, claimant ...

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Breath Test; Due Process

1. Neither Minnesota’s civil implied-consent law nor the criminal test-refusal statute conditions the driving privilege on surrendering the Fourth Amendment right to withhold consent to ...

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Intent; Infant Victim

Where the eight-week-old victim suffered severe brain injuries while left alone in defendant’s care; the medical experts who examined the child testified that the child’s ...

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Where plaintiff, a parts worker for an auto dealership, discovered an erroneous entry regarding his personal vehicle and an attempt to correct the erroneous entry ...

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