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On the Campaign Trail

The Fix sizes up T-Paw’s presidential prospects

Gov. Tim Pawlenty continues to draw plaudits from national political commentators for his end-of-session standoff with the DFL-controlled legislature. The Washington Post's influential The Fix blog notes today that Pawlenty, facing a $3 billion deficit, escaped from the session without raising taxes -- a crucial hurdle if he hopes to be a serious GOP presidential contender in 2012.

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Robyne Robinson on the issues

It's no simple matter to plumb the political views of the woman who has announced herself to be the presumptive running mate of DFL gubernatorial primary participant Matt Entenza -- for which it sounds like he's endlessly grateful -- but PIM has gone the extra mile to prepare this summary of future ex-Fox anchor Robyne Robinson's views on some of the critical issues of the day.

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Politico: T-Paw positions himself as ’embodiment of conservative governance in hard economic times’

Gov. Tim Pawlenty emerged from his final budgetary brawl with his credentials as a fiscal conservative bolstered, according to a piece in Politico. The flattering piece, written by Ben Smith, states that Pawlenty appears to have "run the table" on the DFL-controlled House and Senate by convincing legislators to scrap a proposed early expansion of Medicaid, new health care fees and by ratifying his unallotment cuts of 2009.

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