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A graphic showing the scales of justice on a laptop computer screen and the words AI LAW to the left
Nov 1, 2023

The legal complexities of AI

A panel at the University of St. Thomas explored artificial intelligence's impact on intellectual property law.

Empty voting booths set up in Minneapolis
Nov 1, 2023

Scholars address lawsuits seeking to bar Trump from 2024 ballot

Legal scholars at the Univerity of Minnesota discussed the cases seeking to bar Donald Trump from the next presidential ballot and speculated about the the likelihood that Trump will appear on the ballot.

wooden gavel and books on wooden table, on brown background
Oct 31, 2023

Federal ruling results mixed in clergy abuse insurance case

The U.S. District Court’s decision was a mixed bag, offering victories for both the insurance company and the sexual abuse survivors.

close-up of pistol's bullet on white cloth background
Oct 30, 2023

Ammo-possession conviction upheld

The Minnesota Court of Appeals ruled that a man barred from having ammunition doesn't need to know whether bullets would fire in order to be convicted.

Top Women In Law Logo 2023
Oct 27, 2023

Top Women in Law 2023

Inside this section you’ll find the profiles trailblazers and leaders from across the legal spectrum, from private practice to public servants to in-house attorneys.

Image of a rental home in north Minneapolis included in a legal complaint
Oct 27, 2023

Minneapolis housing suit alleges lax code enforcement

The lawsuit accuses the city of failing to take serious action against code violations on the North Side despite tenants’ many complaints of shattered windows, mold, leaky pipes and other grim conditions in rental homes.

A form on a piece of paper with a large header reading "CHAPTER 7 BANKRUPTCY"
Oct 26, 2023

Debtor’s slipshod records provide lesson for attorneys

A case involving a Chapter 7 debtor ruled on by the 1st Circuit offers the bankruptcy bar a lesson on how to handle such clients, lawyers say.

a person's hand pointing toward a symbol for the scales of justice that's glowing blue on a darkened computer screen with ones and zeros on it
Oct 25, 2023

Getting to know artificial intelligence

As AI continues to develop, Taft has partnered with a training firm to teach best practices to lawyers.

A conference room with chairs around a table and a screen to the left that has the Fredrikson logo on it
Oct 25, 2023

COVID accelerated downsizing trend for law offices, leasing survey finds

A survey shows Minnesota law firms have been downsizing their office footprints for years, and many have joined the trend in the wake of the COVID pandemic.

An empty jury box with a door behind the box with the word "JURORS" over it
Oct 24, 2023

Appeals court orders new homicide trial, citing inconsistent jury instructions

The Minnesota Court of Appeals recently ordered a new trial for a man sentenced to over a decade in prison for second-degree unintentional murder.

depiction of a green highway sign showing "RESPECT" pointing one way and "DISRESPECT" the other
Oct 23, 2023

A call for mandating civility

A leading proponent of mandatory civility in the legal academy has just claimed a top prize for his essay on the subject.

Minnesota Icon honors logo-new
Oct 20, 2023

Minnesota Lawyer announces Minnesota Icons honorees

The Minnesota Icon Awards recognize individuals who have made lasting impacts on Minnesota’s business and legal communities. These honorees have had lengthy and accomplished careers and are already using their experiences to mentor the next generation.

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