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A Civil Practice

Appearing on “The View” last month, President Obama stated that “we can disagree without being disagreeable.” It’s a nice idea, but can be hard to put into practice – especially the practice of law.

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Beware of social networking sites

Everything on social networking sites is fair game. So next time, you update your Facebook status or put up pictures online keep that in mind. Similarly, be sure to ask your client about what he/she is doing in social networking sites.

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How To Get Paid

As young attorneys, we obviously want experience and income, but severely underbidding the competition just to snag a client not only cheapens your degree, it can potentially affect the quality of service you provide.

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A Better LSAT

By Ron Walters A little while back, there was some hubbub about St. Thomas doing away with its LSAT requirement for certain applicants. Though the ...

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