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Guest Commentary

Smith: Minnesota needs college graduates

In the classic 1981 comedy “Stripes,” the Bill Murray character tells his rowdy pals from Chicago not to worry about credentials as they prepared to enter a Soviet-bloc country, mistakenly promising that it would be just like “going into Wisconsin.”

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Young: Fourth of July an inspiration, especially in tough times

I write this on a hot, beautiful July day just before the Fourth of July. I have returned to St Paul from the woods and lakes of northern Wisconsin where small towns were gearing up to celebrate the once “Glorious Fourth.” American flags were flying on lamp posts, hand-lettered signs were up for Fourth of July picnics and ball games, fireworks were for sale everywhere.

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Union Station re-do a huge waste

People have always been fascinated by the prospect of time travel, which is one reason the movie “Back to the Future” was so popular. The concept of being able to travel back in time to experience an event in history – or perhaps even change history – holds a great sense of intrigue.

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