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Guest Commentary

Steven Schier: Activist antics undercut Minnesota politics

Recent days have brought two stark examples of the activist antics that plague our state’s politics. Many volunteers and some public officials from our state’s parties are primarily motivated to impose their ideological agendas on the broader electorate, and August has provided two examples of this, one from each party.

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Dane Smith: FAQ: Why the Voter ID amendment is a bad idea

After many hours spent talking to folks at the “Our Vote Our Future” booth at the State Fair last week, I’m convinced that if most Minnesotans knew just a few more relevant facts, they would decisively reject the proposed constitutional amendment that would upend and undermine our state’s voting process.

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Phil Krinkie: What a disaster

This week the state Legislature is scheduled to meet in special session to consider the governor’s recommendation to spend $190 million in disaster relief for the June flooding that occurred in the Duluth area. In working group meetings, several legislators have already raised questions about the amount of the governor’s request and the purpose of some of the funding.

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